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Injection Treatment For Damp Case Study

Injection Treatment For Damp Case Study

Campus Road, Walthamstow, London

Project Details:

Dry Waterproofing Ltd was contacted by the owner of this Victorian mid-terrace house to provide a solution to the problem of dampness. The damp was affecting several walls within the original ground floor addition kitchen and rear extension dining room. The dampness was caused by a combination of rising damp in the base of the walls (this was due to a breakdown of the original slate damp proof course) and also a bridging of the damp proof course by the internal wall plaster. Also the original damp proof course had been installed at an incorrect position in respect of the rear cavity wall extension.


To deal with the rising damp and damp course bridging problems, the old salt contaminated wall plaster was removed to expose the brickwork in preparation for new plaster to be applied. The base of the original walls and rear cavity wall extension were drilled and then injected with an aqueous based new generation damp proof coursing cream at the new and correct levels. The walls were then re-plastered using sand and cement mix, incorporating a salt retardant and waterproofing additive and left finished with a 3mm setting coat plaster.


The works were carried out immediately following the clients builder’s stripping out phase. This installation was finished very quickly to allow sufficient time for the new wall plaster to dry out. Due to the short program for the project


The client was pleased the works were carried out professionally and on time. The client also benefited from a long-term meaningful 20 year insurance backed guarantee

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Injection Treatment for Damp

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Injection Treatment For Damp

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Injection Treatment For Damp

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