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Going Green

Going Green

On our way to helping create a zero emissions country, Dry Waterproofing have added to its services by introducing the start of what we hope we be a long list of green, more environmentally friendly products and systems.

By playing our small part in the reduction of CO2 emissions, we will be providing a greener future for our planet.

Creating a green roof can be a great way to make more ‘green ‘ space in your property and also reduce CO2 output. Dry Waterproofing are here to assist you by designing and installing the barrier between the plant life and the external substrate. We are happy to work with you, the designer and/or architect to create a new oasis. Please click on the above button for further information.

Another environmentally-friendly product is Newton Diathonite, this is an eco-thermal plaster that has fantastic insulation and acoustic properties. It has a zero carbon rating and can be used internally and externally. Please click on above link for further details or call us to discuss the benefits and uses of this fantastic product further.

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Going Green with Dry Waterproofing