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Green Roof

Green Roof

Green roofs have become increasingly popular within in the big concrete cities, they provide welcomed green spaces and environmental benefits and its insulation qualities help with saving heat and reducing C02 emissions.

Green Roof

Layers of Waterproofing for Green Roof. A green roof is a roofing system that uses grass, foliage and plant life for its covering instead of the more common traditional coverings.

What is a Green Roof?

Green Roof consists of various layers of waterproofing and drainage systems which will allow your plants to be well watered while your house stays nice and dry.

There are commonly two types of green roof’s.

INTENSIVE ROOF: An intensive green roof is one that supports large plant life and trees and will require regular maintenance.

EXTENSIVE ROOF: An extensive green roof is a more convenient roof with a thin layer of vegetation it requires minimal maintenance.

Green Roof’s are a great way to increase your outdoor space and can often be your own piece of quiet serenity in the middle of busy suburbia. Dry Waterproofing are ready and waiting to discuss – call now.