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Insulated Render

Insulated Render

As a registered approved installer of Newton Diathonite – Dry Waterproofing are able to offer you this unique product. Newton Diathonite is an eco-thermal plaster that has fantastic insulation and acoustic properties.

As a plaster render Newton Diathonite is a very versatile product, providing benefits that other more traditional forms of ridged insulation are unable to provide. Newton Diathonite is a fibre-reinforced plaster mixed with clay powders, cork and NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime.

As a natural product its flexible and hard wearing, providing a seamless thermal barrier which will eliminae any risk of cold bridging.

External Insulted Render Application

Insulated Render

Further key features of Diathonite

  • Zero Carbon Rating
  • High vapour permeability allowing your property to breathe
  • Class 1 Fire rating