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Internal Waterproofing

Internal Waterproofing

Waterproofing is required when earth bears against a structure, whether its 100mm or 10 metres. This is because earth provides a passage for water under pressure contained inthe ground to enter the fabric of the building.

Under pavement vault application

Any structure can be affected by water penetration whether its a small residential or large commercial development. You need to protect your property from this ingress of water.

Protection can be achieved using a number of methods. British Standard BS8102 2009 code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground defines these methods into three types of waterproofing protection:

  • Type A- (BARRIER) PROTECTION – Protection against water ingress which is dependent on a separate barrier system applied to the structure.
  • Type B – (STRUCTURALLY INTEGRAL) PROTECTION – Protection against water ingress which is provided by the structure.
  • Type C- (DRAINED)PROTECTION – Protection against water ingress into usable spaces which is provided by incorporation of an appropriate internal water management system.

Membrane wide shot

Internal Waterproofing

Various membrane

Internal Waterproofing by Dry Waterproofing

Membrane detailing

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