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Pumps are an integral part of the type C cavity drain systems. They are required to move water quickly and efficiently before the system can be overwhelmed by ingressing water.

Dry Waterproofing will design, supply and install a complete pumping system using the newest advancements in pumping technology.

Pumping examples

  • Grey water pumping.
  • Ground water pumping.
  • Sewage pumping.
  • Low level pumping.

Ancillary items may include

  • Multi-function pump control and monitoring panels
  • Battery backup systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Dialler systems

Dual pump


Submersible Sump Chamber

Pumping London

Our pumping systems

We can advise on how to upgrade your basic pumping system, which will provide many additional benefits and protection from events like power cuts.

Dry Waterproofing pumping systems come with warranties spanning from 1 – 3 years. You will be offered maintenance agreements with every system installed to ensure a fully working unit at all times.

Our technical team are standing by to help advise and design the right system for your property’s need.